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Per l’estate si va di cose semplici: insalata piccante con cetrioli e anguria! - Simple Summer recipe: spicy cucumber and watermelon salad.

Recipe here: #instagrammarecibo
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Pranzetti arrabattati all’ultimo: prosciutto cotto, mozzarella e spinaci al burro. (Potevo mettermi più d’impegno) #instagrammarecibo
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presso Parco Galvani
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presso Parco Galvani
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Saturday manicure: @sephoraitalia Formula X The System + @smalti_orly Ablaze e Argan Oil Cuticle Drops
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sophisitikated submitted:
5’1122kg loss progress shot8 monthsI ate clean and exercised regularly, there is no secret, just hard work and a good BALANCED diet and lifestyle…yes, that includes eating carbs ;)
I started out completely confused and lost about where to start, i cut calories and carbs dramatically, but soon realised that this wasnt a maintainable health lifestyle and resulted in weight gain. so I cut the crappy excuses and found someone who knew what they were talking about to help me and got myself a personal trainer.. I am now a PT myself and study nutrition at Uni 

      —- SUBMIT your own Before and After weight-loss photos HERE. 
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"Personal Trainer" - Industrie Magazine #7
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La costruzione di caramello ancora mi mancava! (presso Ristorante Oriente Wok Sushi)
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Oggi giornata risotto, con rucola, crescenza e pancetta! • Risotto with bacon, arugula and soft italian cheese #instagrammarecibo #instafood #latergram #foodporn #foodie